Endless Destiny

All music is written, composed and produced by
Makeup & Vanity Set.
Mastering by Paul Cousins. Artwork by Erik Jonsson.

Makeup & Vanity Set's previous Neuromancer Trilogy (Wavehymnal, Chrome and Syncro) was a soundtrack to the cyberpunk fantasy that we imagined while growing up. Endless Destiny instead brings us back to the our contemporary time. A time in which we are increasingly being trapped by algorithms that are constantly figuring us out, estimating and catering to us. We came to age believing the future would be controlled by mega corps and Skynet AI, but instead we got multibillion dollar algorithms that exploit the social constructs of racism and outrage as a business model. The music on Endless Destiny is the byproduct of this human / machine relationship. A soundtrack to the loneliness of scrolling through the endless space of social media, the endless websites and chat bots, the destiny amidst endless destinies.

September 25, 2020 · DATA093

1. Decode
2. Sysex
3. Transmit Distance
4. Users
5. Algorithm
6. Time
7. Information
8. Empathy
9. Look

Music System

artwork by dylan marcus mcconnell / www.tinylittlehammers.com
music by matthew pusti
recorded at mother 2018-2019

a collection of some of the subscriber-exclusive music that was released during 2018-2019. The album is a careful meditation over the past couple years exploring modular synth systems and layering.

July 3, 2020

1. Tsiolkovskij 05:32
2. Aegueus 10:10
3. Diogenes 12:32
4. Cascading 08:56
5. Symbiosis 07:47
6. Tanagra 09:00
7. A Neverending Beam of Light 05:20
8. Moonphase IV 04:03
9. Quantum II 04:32
10. Quantum III 07:20
11. Quantum IV 10:16
12. Human Stillness 04:40


written and recorded by makeup and vanity set
instruments: moog mother 32, eurorack modular synthesizer.
recorded in 2017 and on tour, october 2018.
pan flute on 'Incinerar' performed by cal dykes.
visual art by gg puentes, from his film 'crisalida.'

July 3, 2020

1. Crisalida 06:35
2. Bruja 04:28
3. La Época 06:48
4. Primer 03:44
5. Transformación 07:35
6. Polvo a Polvo 04:48
7. Puente 04:34
8. Asuntos Primordiales 05:26
9. El Topo 03:51
10. Pasaje 11:27
11. Los Páramos 08:08
12. Incinerar 08:46
13. Atolón 09:05
14. Ciclo 04:09
15. Tempestad 06:06


performed live as part of 12 hour live dream, curated by seth graves
instruments used: eurorack modular synthesizer, sequential circuits six-trak, waldorf blofeld, moog mother-32. contains a field recording of skateboarders in central park, NYC, 2019, and an interview with a catatonic schizophrenic, 1961.

written and recorded live by makeup and vanity set
recorded at mother, 2020

May 11, 2020

1. Seq II 09:35
2. Don't Wait For Me (Live Version) 05:05
3. Seq I 15:04
4. Seq III 12:16


all songs written by matthew pusti + john brassil (djb)
recorded at mother and elsewhere, jan thru dec, 2016

May 6th, 2020

1. H
2. He
3. Li
4. Be
5. B
6. C
7. N
8. O
9. F
10. Ne
11. Na
12. Mg

"Matt and I have known each other for two centuries now, first meeting through him sending music to be played on The Mixdown, a radio show devoted to underground electronic & experimental music on the late, great WRVU, 91.1 FM Nashville (I still have to say it like that all these years later.) We were even neighbors for awhile when he & Lisa moved into a house in Sylvan Heights literally a stone's throw away from ours in Sylvan Park. (It would have had to be Roberto Clemente throwing the stone, but still...)

So when he told me that his Christmas gift to me in 2015 would be the two of us collaborating on a year-long project to create a new song each month, it wasn't shocking, but it was amazing - the non-musical music nerd equivalent of being asked to be Chuck Norris' sidekick for a year. Sure, Chuck is going to do most of the ass-kicking, but maybe I'll get a lick in every once and a while. The premise was that I'd send him inspirational items (photos, text, etc.) and he'd use those as the foundation for a "techno" piece of of the month. I came up with a theme that I didn't share with him (since you're reading this you can easily see what it was) but that he more or less figured out by the end of the year.

I want to close with a couple of stories about the March track "Li" which have nothing at all to do with it being the chemical symbol for Lithium. An excerpt from this piece became the theme song for my new radio show The X-Factor on WXNA 101.5 LP Nashville (see, I still gotta do it the FCC-approved way) which is only appropriate since Matt came to the very first episode in June of 2016 to perform live and has been back for an anniversary reprise every year since. It was composed at least in part as a response to the story I told Matt in February of that year about the tragic accident that befell our nineteen-month old Aussie Tina. She ran off the porch of our house right into the path of an oncoming car - I will never forget her turning to face the oncoming headlights, defiant and fearless to the last. As I lifted her from the pavement, neck broken and limp, I could feel her heart slowly stop beating against my chest and you can hear the echo of that in the slowing rhythm at the end of the song, a wonderful testament to both Matt's musical brilliance and the great gift of his friendship.

By the end of the year, I even managed to get a couple of dance tracks out of him (turns out his definition of "techno" was quite a bit different from mine) and so if you like to move your body, you can thank the sidekick for that. I'm glad this music is now seeing the light of day and I hope you enjoy this record as much as we had fun making it. Be good to one another and live each day like the headlights are coming for you - because they are."

— djb, May 2020


written and recorded by matthew steven pusti
recorded at mother, 2019-2020
performed using eurorack modular system, waldorf blofeld, moog mother 32, oberheim OB-Xa

April 17th, 2020

1. A Gilded Cage
2. Father Son
3. Tannhäuser Gate
4. Los Angeles
5. Fugue System

In 2018, I started work on a series of EPs focused on the concept of the fugitive replicants from the first Blade Runner film. The first in the series, PRIS, was rooted in analog synthesis and systems music arpeggiation. The second EP, RUN, continued the theme exploring the world that Zhora inhabited. The third EP, MOTHER, focused on the brutality of Leon.

With the final EP, ROY, I started the tracks in 2019 and they wound up in limbo for almost a year. When Rutger Hauer, the actor who played Roy Batty in the film, passed away in July 2019, I started working on them again. Roy is a complex character; he's a super man. He's confined by his own greatness. He's also super intelligent. In the film, he's intensely violent without ever feeling out of control.

This EP completes the series hopefully with reverence to the character and the actor.

Monster: DC Sniper Original Podcast Soundtrack

from the podcast Monster: DC Sniper

released with Lakeshore Records & Tenderfoot TV

March 13th, 2020

1. Theme From DC Sniper
2. Judge Nott
3. See Thru
4. No Peace
5. Majeste
6. Mother
7. Two of Us
8. Baltimore
9. Phone Call
10. Father and Son
11. Moose
12. IRA
13. Super Children
14. Malvo
15. Una
16. Kingston
17. Practice
18. All Ye Sinners
19. Get in the Car
20. Precursor
21. Fates
22. Stop Loss
23. Hunter
24. Into the Woods
25. Lee
26. Timer
27. Pit of Your Stomach
28. Peace
29. None Innocent

“The DC Sniper case is the first modern story that’s been told within the Monster Anthology. The more research I did, the more I wanted to explore the stockholm syndrome relationship between Lee Malabo and John Allen Muhammad, and the intense anxiety of the manhunt. A lot of my research was based on Lee Malvo’s journals and sketches, where a lot of the song titles also came from.” — MAVS

Up And Vanished Original Podcast Soundtrack

from the podcast Up and Vanished

released with Lakeshore Records & Tenderfoot TV

March 6th, 2020

1. Crestone Peak
2. Peacekeeper
3. Reward Money
4. The Apartment
5. Echoes
6. Kristal
7. Last Words
8. I Knew Her
9. Mine, Entrance
10. The Empath
11. Baca
12. At Peace
13. 14 Miles Into The Mountains
14. Skeptics
15. Pharmacology
16. Rainbow People
17. The Prophet
18. A Place In The Mountains
19. Vanishing Point
20. Black Car in the Mountains
21. Knowing
22. Denver
23. See You Soon
24. Winds
25. Catfish
26. A Mind Unwinding
27. Yeah I Knew Her
28. He Never Leaves His House
29. Small Town
30. Being Watched
31. Down A Mineshaft
32. Pango
33. Good People
34. Spiritual Paradigms

“I first met Payne Lindsey in Crestone, Colorado. I flew out there and showed up in a dusty town at the foot of a giant mountain and I spent a week recording anything and everything there. Just the dust and the grit of the place. All of that is in the music from Up and Vanished. For me it was the high-water mark as a composer, because the place where the story takes place is engrained in the music is every possible way. When I hear those pieces now, I can see the people of Crestone and the way they sort of disappear into the landscape.” — MAVS

Darker Colors Original Soundtrack

from the short film Darker Colors

Directed by Seth Worley

February 27th, 2020

1. Theme From Darker Colors
2. The Basement
3. Toys
4. Below the Surface
5. Amber
6. Keep Moving
7. Chalk

After a young girl’s drawings are transformed into living monsters made of crayon and glitter, her older brother leads a mission into the woods to destroy them. A supernatural horror short from Red Giant and writer/director Seth Worley ("Old/New", "Plot Device").

The music on the original soundtrack is based upon the music written for the film, but reworked into a series of eerie, pulsing synthwave tracks.

written and recorded by matthew pusti
recorded at mother, 2019
executive produced by seth worley
film directed by seth worley
special thanks to anne fogerty, seth worley, ben worley, and joey ciccoline

Monster: The Zodiac Killer Original Podcast Soundtrack

from the Monster: The Zodiac Killer podcast.

released with Lakeshore Records & Tenderfoot TV

February 14th, 2020

1. The Most Dangerous Game
2. Toschi
3. Vallejo
4. Questions
5. Print
6. Process
7. Finding
8. Suspicions
9. Cypher
10. Alternatives
11. Hills
12. Drive
13. McLauren Park


Makeup and Vanity Set

Breaking News

Available Oct 18th
Limited Edition Vinyl
4th installment in the Charles Park series.
All songs written and produced by Makeup & Vanity Set (Wavehymnal / BMI) — News reporter on ‘Nobody Move’ by Justin Tarrents — Recorded at Mother, late 2016-2017 — Mastered by James Plotkin — Concept devised by Matthew Pusti — Art Direction & Design by Caspar Newbolt — Paintings by John Delucca

“Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication.”

— Marshall McLuhan


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