You Drive

"Such a Perfect Thing"

Music Written by Matthew Pusti and Jasmin Kaset
Vocal Recording by Jordan Lehning
Art and Design by Version Industries
Special Thanks to Anja Marquardt

As heard in The Girlfriend Experience, Season 3

August 3rd, 2021


Makeup and Vanity Set

Heart of Batman

March 17th, 2021
1. Heart of Batman
2. Empathy
3. Standards
4. Timm
5. For Shirley
6. The Dark Knight
7. Shadows
8. Dark Deco
9. Alleyway
10. Ames
11. Vision
12. Heart of Batman (End Titles)
written and produced by matthew pusti
for Warner Bros. "Batman: the Animated Series" blu-ray documentary
"bat logo" triple-gatefold interior contains book of unreleased art from the series
package design by caspar newbolt and sound machine records
black 180G
limited pressing of 1,013 copies
audio download included with vinyl purchase


produced by matthew pusti
music created in collaboration with liam wong
cover photo by liam wong

November 6, 2020

1. Isolate 03:04
2. Ichi No Kamae 02:56
3. Tesseract 04:53
4. Bind 03:09
5. Pulsewidths 02:52

Endless Destiny

All music is written, composed and produced by
Makeup & Vanity Set.
Mastering by Paul Cousins. Artwork by Erik Jonsson.

Makeup & Vanity Set's previous Neuromancer Trilogy (Wavehymnal, Chrome and Syncro) was a soundtrack to the cyberpunk fantasy that we imagined while growing up. Endless Destiny instead brings us back to the our contemporary time. A time in which we are increasingly being trapped by algorithms that are constantly figuring us out, estimating and catering to us. We came to age believing the future would be controlled by mega corps and Skynet AI, but instead we got multibillion dollar algorithms that exploit the social constructs of racism and outrage as a business model. The music on Endless Destiny is the byproduct of this human / machine relationship. A soundtrack to the loneliness of scrolling through the endless space of social media, the endless websites and chat bots, the destiny amidst endless destinies.

September 25, 2020 · DATA093

1. Decode
2. Sysex
3. Transmit Distance
4. Users
5. Algorithm
6. Time
7. Information
8. Empathy
9. Look


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