Original Soundtrack

original soundtrack for the video game OVERPASS, by Studio Bean. available here.

released August 6, 2019

written and recorded by matthew steven pusti
game programming and design by michael molinari
recorded at mother, 2018-2019



Original Soundtrack

Created in collaboration with Andy Walker (THE ALPHABET ZERO), FOYER is the soundtrack to a short film directed by French-Canadian director Sophie B. Jacques. The film premieres this weekend at the Cleveland International Film Festival. The film was shot by JP Bernier, of the band LE MATOS. Original album artwork designed and created by Caspar Newbolt.

1. Satisfait
2. Bienvenue à la Maison
3. Vous Êtes Parfait
4. La Fenêtre
5. Reviens Bientôt
6. Qui est le Prochain?




the filmmaker chase burton reached out to me in september of 2017 about scoring his short film, MATHER, a science fiction inspired western fantasy about a starman who lands in a strange dry country and plants seeds that grow into stars. he consumes one of the stars and gives birth to a starchild. he learns that two great forces cannot cancel one another out; they must learn to live together.

burton's film was created and filmed in california with a Deaf crew and predominantly Deaf actors. the film itself, outside of the music, is completely silent. burton himself is Deaf.

chase would explain that he could 'listen' to my music by feeling it physically. i spent time studying two incredible Deaf musicians, evelyn glennie and christine sun kim. i also spent time studying methods like demonstrating rhythm and music through ASL (American Sign Language), how words can be similar but are defined and distinguished by handshape, location, movement, orientation and facial expression; that so much information is contained in simple hand motions and movements and that together they form intense and emotional contexts.

the result was a score written with basic sources- with sine waves and human voices and strings. chase's work is deeply personal...

I. Oracle
II. The Box
III. Smoke
IV. Badlands
V. Unconditional Love


Up and Vanished

Original Season 2 Soundtrack

Released December 7, 2018

Written and recorded by Matthew Steven Pusti.
Recorded remotely in Denver, CO, in Crestone, CO, and in Nashville, TN at Mother.
Artwork and design by Caspar Newbolt.
Mastering and Sequencing by Jason Germain.
Executive Produced by Payne Lindsey and Donald Albright for Tenderfoot TV.

For more information about the podcast and Kristal's case, please visit: upandvanished.com

1 Crestone Peak
2 Peacekeeper
3 Reward Money
4 The Apartment
5 Echoes
6 Kristal
7 Last Words
8 I Knew Her
9 Mine, Entrance
10 The Empath
11 Baca
12 At Peace
13 14 Miles into the Mountains
14 Skeptics
15 Pharmacology
16 Rainbow People
17 The Prophet
18 A Place in the Mountain
19 Vanishing Point


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