Up and Vanished

Original Season 2 Soundtrack

Released December 7, 2018

Written and recorded by Matthew Steven Pusti.
Recorded remotely in Denver, CO, in Crestone, CO, and in Nashville, TN at Mother.
Artwork and design by Caspar Newbolt.
Mastering and Sequencing by Jason Germain.
Executive Produced by Payne Lindsey and Donald Albright for Tenderfoot TV.

For more information about the podcast and Kristal's case, please visit: upandvanished.com

1 Crestone Peak
2 Peacekeeper
3 Reward Money
4 The Apartment
5 Echoes
6 Kristal
7 Last Words
8 I Knew Her
9 Mine, Entrance
10 The Empath
11 Baca
12 At Peace
13 14 Miles into the Mountains
14 Skeptics
15 Pharmacology
16 Rainbow People
17 The Prophet
18 A Place in the Mountain
19 Vanishing Point



written + recorded by matthew steven pusti.

recorded at mother, 2018.

1. Birth
2. With My Bare Hands
3. Apple of My Eye
4. Man to Man
5. Polaroid
6. Lifetimes

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Holy Mountain

performed on a modular synthesizer, moog semi-modular mother-32 synthesizer, and moog LP2 monophonic synthesizer.

effects used: meris enzo multi-voice instrument synthesizer, meris polymoon delay, meris mercury7 reverb.

special thanks to terry, jinna and angelo.

mountain design by jinna kim.
artwork my matthew steven pusti.

1. First Sequence
2. Second Sequence
3. Third Sequence
4. Fourth Sequence
5. End Sequence

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Shadow Circuit

the future past. lights on a horizon. blood in your veins. old visions. low frequencies fading across night. the roar of the masses. the reflection of bulbs overhead, on printed plastic and steel. a fight to survive, all or nothing. shadow circuit.

1. Go!
2. Sinclair
3. The Zone
4. Live Or Die
5. Endless Ocean
6. The World On A Wire
7. Shadow Circuit


You Drive

Self-titled debut, collaborative album with Jasmin Kaset

from yk Records, August 3rd, 2018

1. New
2. Hold On
3. Stuck Behind a Train
4. Home In My Love
5. Royal Blue
6. Summer Blade
7. Only Fire
8. The Road
9. Machine Jurassic
10. Cracked Plate
11. Alchemy


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