Monster: The Zodiac Killer Original Podcast Soundtrack

from the Monster: The Zodiac Killer podcast.

released with Lakeshore Records & Tenderfoot TV

February 14th, 2020

1. The Most Dangerous Game
2. Toschi
3. Vallejo
4. Questions
5. Print
6. Process
7. Finding
8. Suspicions
9. Cypher
10. Alternatives
11. Hills
12. Drive
13. McLauren Park

To Live and Die in L.A. Original Podcast Soundtrack

from the To Live and Die in L.A. podcast.

released with Lakeshore Records & Tenderfoot TV

February 7th, 2020

1. Fleurie - Love and War
2. To Live
3. Searching
4. A Plea for Help
5. Ping
6. Timeline of Events
7. Follow the Lie
8. Plans
9. Movements
10. Adea's Theme
11. Amanda Gregory - To Live and Die in LA

Radio Rental Original Soundtrack

from the Radio Rental podcast.

released with Lakeshore Records & Tenderfoot TV

November 29th, 2019

1. Newsflash
2. Be Kind Rewind
3. Fact or Fiction
4. What Could Go Wrong
5. Under the Bed
6. McCoy
7. Permutation
8. Afterhours
9. Pick Up The Phone
10. Sixty Seconds
11. They Know
12. Come Again
13. The Babysitter
14. A Light In The Distance
15. Sunrise Static
16. Visions
17. Theme From Radio Rental

Helmed by Payne Lindsey, “Radio Rental,” chronicles real life scary stories set against the backdrop of a fictional, enigmatic world. The podcast, which is the first semi-scripted series from Tenderfoot TV, features Rainn Wilson as the character of Terry Carnation, a video store clerk who holds a secret VHS collection that houses these true tales of horror and the unexplained. Wilson’s character is featured on the album’s first track “Newsflash.”

“A score is essential to a podcast, just like in movies,” said Lindsey. “Music sets the tone for our stories, it sets the pace of our episodes, and with ‘Radio Rental,’ it fully immerses us into this world where strange and terrifying things happen. Having worked with Makeup and Vanity Set on our past true crime podcasts, we knew his electronic sound was perfect for this one, too.”

Keeping in tune to the eerie atmosphere of each story told on the podcast, MAVS, who’s best known for his synthesized analog music, composed a score for “Radio Rental” that pays homage to the creepy, mystery genre of television popular in the 1980s and 1990s.

“‘Radio Rental’ has been my favorite Tenderfoot project yet, mainly because it has all of the hallmarks of things like ‘Up and Vanished’ or the ‘Monster’ series, but it’s also got a lot of levity and nuance,” said Matthew Pusti, otherwise known as Makeup and Vanity Set. “The trick was always trying to walk that line; supporting Payne’s vision, the creepiness of the stories themselves, and the humor that Rainn uses that glues the whole thing together.”

Music by Makeup and Vanity Set.
Recorded at Mother, 2019.
Executive Produced by Payne Lindsey and Donald Albright for Tenderfoot TV
Voiceover on “Newsflash” by Rainn Wilson
Album Art by Rob Sheridan
Special Thanks to Lakeshore Records, John Bergin, Tenderfoot TV, Oren Rosenbaum / UTA, and Simon Rust Lamb.

Executive Album Producers for Lakeshore Records: Brian McNelis, Darren Blumenthal and Tara Finegan
Director of A&R: Eric Craig
Art Director / A&R: John Bergin
Mastered by: Robert Rich, Soundscape Productions, Mountain View, CA
Administrative Coordinators: Don Smith, Erica Pope
Special Thanks: Tony Giles


Makeup and Vanity Set

Breaking News

Available Oct 18th
Limited Edition Vinyl
4th installment in the Charles Park series.
All songs written and produced by Makeup & Vanity Set (Wavehymnal / BMI) — News reporter on ‘Nobody Move’ by Justin Tarrents — Recorded at Mother, late 2016-2017 — Mastered by James Plotkin — Concept devised by Matthew Pusti — Art Direction & Design by Caspar Newbolt — Paintings by John Delucca

“Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication.”

— Marshall McLuhan


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