Zytel Systems: System I - Horror

This album is presented in the order it was created, one track, per day, for the entire month of October 2017.

"When I was a kid, I used to work up the courage to pick up the VHS boxes for the horror films in our local video store."

Equipment: Moog LP2, Sequential Circuits Six-Trak, Yamaha CS-20m, Moog Mother-32, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, DSI Mopho, Roland HS-60, Ensoniq VFX-SD, Meris Ottobit Jr, Meris Mercury7, Strymon Dig, Koma Field Kit, VCR, Dictaphone, Fender Jazz Bass, Telecaster.

October 31st, 2017

1. Demoni 02:46
2. Il Gatto a Nove Code 01:57
3. The New York Ripper 02:52
4. Vigilante 02:58
5. Black Phillip (The Witch) 02:10
6. The House of the Devil 02:26
7. Train to Busan 03:24
8. Halloween IV 04:10
9. Zombi: The Dead are Among Us! 03:45
10. Near Dark 02:54
11. Grave (Raw) 02:41
12. Friday the 13th 03:04
13. The Langoliers 02:48
14. Altered States 05:04
15. The Wicker Man 04:40
16. Day of the Dead 03:20
17. You're Next 02:32
18. The Thing 03:52
19. I Saw the Devil 03:42
20. The Devil's Rejects 04:32
21. Videodrome 04:08
22. Hellraiser 02:13
23. The Visitor 03:20
24. Haute Tension 02:52
25. The Void 03:36
26. Tenebre 02:52
27. The Omen 02:20
28. Nosferatu, the Vampyre 03:09
29. Scanners 03:16
30. Laurie Part I 08:00
31. Laurie Part II 04:20

Horror films were a huge influence on my early records, especially the Charles Park records. In 2017, I made a new track every day for the entire month of October. The result was a collection of giallo / horror inspired tracks that lived on Soundcloud for a while before they were taken down, when they just lived in a playlist on my hard drive. This month, I’m making the full album available for the first time via Bandcamp only.

Hopefully these tracks will provide a soundtrack to some night driving, street wandering, Halloween creeps.

You Drive

"Such a Perfect Thing"

Music Written by Matthew Pusti and Jasmin Kaset
Vocal Recording by Jordan Lehning
Art and Design by Version Industries
Special Thanks to Anja Marquardt

As heard in The Girlfriend Experience, Season 3

August 3rd, 2021


Makeup and Vanity Set

Heart of Batman

March 17th, 2021
1. Heart of Batman
2. Empathy
3. Standards
4. Timm
5. For Shirley
6. The Dark Knight
7. Shadows
8. Dark Deco
9. Alleyway
10. Ames
11. Vision
12. Heart of Batman (End Titles)
written and produced by matthew pusti
for Warner Bros. "Batman: the Animated Series" blu-ray documentary
"bat logo" triple-gatefold interior contains book of unreleased art from the series
package design by caspar newbolt and sound machine records
black 180G
limited pressing of 1,013 copies
audio download included with vinyl purchase


produced by matthew pusti
music created in collaboration with liam wong
cover photo by liam wong

November 6, 2020

1. Isolate 03:04
2. Ichi No Kamae 02:56
3. Tesseract 04:53
4. Bind 03:09
5. Pulsewidths 02:52


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